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Marcel Oliemans         +31 6 15 28 18 13     

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AsjesBisseling has successfully guided us through negotiations with the Dutch tax authorities on the Innovation box and the introduction of an employee share plan. Their knowledge of the Biotech industry, combined with expert tax know-how on corporate as well as personal tax matters have proven to be a successful combination. - Remco Brandt[Bioceros]

We value personal attention for your specific situation above other things and combine it with a no-nonsense-approach. As trusted advisors, we expect a mutual exchange of honest opinions. Your fair optimal long-term fiscal situation would be best served by our honesty and our in-depth exploration of your activities and possible boundaries. We not only take into account your specific situation but also those of the other factors in the fiscal landscape (e.g. tax authorities).


We have extensive experience in a broad range of industries; We do have a strong preference for businesses that have a strong drive, high potential and innovative DNA.


The industries we have special interest in:   

Life sciences, Technology & Sport


Trusted Advisors

Business that focus on the long term, such as family-businesses often have a special dynamic different from the corporates and their ownership and influence-structures require attention, empathy and some experience; we have all three of them and focus on long-term relationships built on trust. Family businesses , after all, have to be passed on to the next generations.

AsjesBisseling advised us on how to pass on our family-business, Sushi Ran, to the next generation. Thanks to their personal and intensive effort, an attractive bespoke solution, which is in accordance with both our family values and the tax authorities, has been established. - Hiroshi Tsuijimaru [Sushi Ran}

Private Situations

Property, Family-estates, gifts and other private matters are all things that should be well planned and handled with care. We'll take care of that planning and your financial and fiscal future.