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Pieter Asjes                 +31 6 51 19 56 08

Arjan Bisseling            +31 6 51 07 02 06

Pascal Vogel                +31 6 51 54 43 82

Marcel Oliemans         +31 6 15 28 18 13     

Charles van den Berg  +31 6 20 61 04 93                                                                  



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AsjesBisseling is a great sparring partner for tax related questions of relations of our family office. Their businesslike and efficient method of working distinguishes them from competitors. “We do it all well for the well to do”. - Sieto Jonkers [Family Capital Management]
AsjesBisseling advised uniQure on tax issues relating to the transfer of the business, assets and tax losses from AMT, as part of an innovative transaction structure which effectively refinanced the AMT gene therapy business. AsjesBisseling conducted the negotiations with the NL tax authorities, providing a senior and experienced team at a very competitive price. Since then AsjesBisseling has continued to provide advice on a range of corporate and personal tax matters. - Piers Morgan [UniQure]
It was a joy to work together with AsjesBisseling’s highly experienced team of experts on several fiscal matters. They did an excellent job for ViroClinics by arranging an agreement with the NL Tax Authorities on the use of the Innovation Regulations. - - Bob van Gemen [CEO, ViroClinics Biosciences BV]
AM Pharma is very satisfied with the service and quality provided by AsjesBisseling. We were advised in an outstanding, tailored and effective way. - Erik van den Berg [CEO, AM Pharma]
AsjesBisseling has successfully guided us through negotiations with the Dutch tax authorities on the Innovation box and the introduction of an employee share plan. Their knowledge of the Biotech industry, combined with expert tax know-how on corporate as well as personal tax matters have proven to be a successful combination. - Remco Brandt [Bioceros]
AsjesBisseling has been a cornerstone for the fiscal knowledge-platform of the Royal Dutch Football Association and professional football clubs over the last ten years. Their combination of expert knowledge and strategic sensitivity is quite unique. - Ron Francis [KNVB - Royal Dutch Football Association]
The thorough approach of AsjesBisseling in a complex international transaction led to full transparency and a solid arrangement. - Willem Starink [ATP]
AsjesBisseling helped us solve a case with the tax authorities in a practical and effective way. This resulted in a better understanding with this institution. They advise in a personal and hands-on fashion. AsjesBisseling really thinks along! [ExSilent]
A very hands-on and focussed advisor, with a sound price/quality ratio. - Ronald Dorjee [Panta Holdings]
AsjesBisseling advised us on how to pass on our family-business, Sushi Ran, to the next generation. Thanks to their personal and intensive effort, an attractive bespoke solution, which is in accordance with both our family values and the tax authorities, has been established. - Hiroshi Tsuijimaru [Sushi Ran}