A ‘must have’ sustainable and solid financial and tax foundation for fast-growing startups.

A ‘must have’ sustainable and solid financial and tax foundation for fast-growing startups.

Sharp and clever, quick to respond, and wise: The main focus of fast-growing and innovative start-ups is often strictly on their business model and technological developments.

The Challenge

However, from the sustainable and successful entrepreneurship point of view, having a robust financial and tax foundation is certainly a ‘must have’ too, but it is also a challenge at the same time. One that is both operationally and commercially relevant when it comes to attracting external investors for mergers and acquisitions deals; and someday, for the big moment of an optimal exit.

Trust Factor

The trust factor is often mentioned and widely recognized; however, substantiating it in financial terms is a different story. A different energy. Less ‘fast’ and flexible than the rest of the company. Structural? Solid? It is of major importance and yet, not that simple!

Quick quick slow

CCOUNT understands this ‘classic’ contrast of speed very well, so what we have to say to you is: “It has to be done anyway, so let us assist you, so it can develop into proof of professionalism and foresightedness.”

Efficiently effective

Our approach is called efficient effectiveness. Sharp in the short and long term, and in addition to being clever and wise, we are sustainable too. Through working with our online financial and administrative tools, among other things, we’re able to help you achieve your goals. And with our on-demand expertise, i.e. specialized knowledge and experience, we can provide you with oversight, perspectives, and prospects. Competitively priced, because that is a part of our added value.

From the start until the exit

We learned the trade in the world of the big guys. At CCount, we consciously chose our unique and more suitable approach, tailored for our clients in the pioneering, start-up, scale- up, and grown-up phases, from the very beginning until the exit stage.